Building a Digital Assets & Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem

Swiss Blockchain Academy

Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to addressing the business value and utility of Blockchain Technology in the context of Decentralised Finance (Defi) and Digital Assets.

The PPF team was offered the opportunity to participate in the “Blockchain Innovation Program” that dove deep into our business model and provided the knowledge we needed to understand how blockchain can be implemented into our business and projects. The information was delivered in a practical way with open discussions and followed up with a detailed factsheet that outlined the enxt steps. We feel confident in the blockchain technology and how it will assist in digitalizing the hydrogen economy.

Amy Halliday

Head of strategic development

The workshops of Swiss Blockchain Academy GmbH first gave us an understandable introduction to the topic of blockchain. Subsequently, we focused on possible areas of application in the field of law. In doing so, we evaluated various challenges from the everyday life of our law firm. Subsequently, possible solutions of the Blockchain technology were show and discussed. Thanks to the workshop, our entire team now has deeper understanding of blockchain.

Marcel Esslinger

Dobler Rechtsanwalte AG

The real world is dirupted. This is by no means a reason to bury your head in the sand. Blockchain is not only a technology but also a new way of thinking. Attending the workshop has perfectly helped us classifying the potential for our project.

Rudolf Raber

Co-founder by



Help you get the right level of awareness required to familiarize yourself with Blockchain and understand how decentralised finance (defi) and digital assets are changing the way we earn, invest and prosper. Training consists of Business, Technology, and Academic perspectives covering:

  • Introduction to Blockchain

  • Key Characteristics & Applications in Decentralised Finance (Defi)

  • Overview of Use Cases & Opportunities

  • Blockchain Business Impact & Value


Business focused to calibrate the “Blockchain Mindset” to enable you at an Executives level leading to  creating your business case and assist with your transformation journey, allowing you to leverage on our expertise and technology resources to:

  • Understand new Business Models and how to manage key risks 

  • Create Your own Blockchain 
  • Develop Equity & Asset Tokenization models

  • Identify, verify and seize opportunities 


A comprehensive framework to help you manage your own Digital Assets and participate in Decentralised Finance economy with confidence and empower you to define own strategy, investment scenarios and actions with focus on: 

  • Ideation of opportunities 

  • Development of methods and access to tools 

  • How to create your own entry into the new products

  • Value Drivers / Risks / Cost-Benefit Analysis


Tech focused extensive session on technical feasibility of smart contracts development, crypto economics, security architecture design, and organisation-wide implementation. Covering the technical skills required to create, manage and transact your own position using:

  • Blockchain Cryptography

  • Interoperabilty with traditional systems
  • Algorithms of Consensus

  • Smart Contracts & Solidity

  • Emerging Blockchain Protocols

Focus Area

Preparing for a paradigm shift…

Calibrating the right “digital mindset” to enable organisations to adapt and compete in a tokenized and digital asset economy.



Finding and empowering the right team, talent, projects



Defining a customer-centric digital strategy (“outside-in”)



Encouraging a dynamic culture of continuous innovation

Building blocks of knowledge

Academy Ecosystem

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Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to address the business value and utility of Blockchain Technology in the context of Blockchain Mindset and help drive business execution.

Swiss Blockchain Academy
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