Start your journey

 in the Decentralized Token-based Economies 

with our purposeful ecosystem comprise of business enablers, resources and community to drive business applications

since the Swiss government mandate (2020 -2022)

Swiss Blockchain Academy

Swiss Blockchain Academy is a Public Private Partnership founded with the Swiss government mandate to drive blockchain business applications in the era of Digital Assets and Decentralized Economies.

Our Role


Strategic Partnerships

  • Driving local, regional & national initiatives
  • Transforming ideas into value concepts
  • Access to talent, tools & resources to seize opportunities
  • Use case centric sector focused business consulting
  • Help secure capital and funding for innovative projects


Objective learning 

  • Modular based objective learning designed to meet audience appetite for business, technical, academic content
  • Focus on the front to back topics with a breakdown of key elements, impact assessment & focus business strategies
  • Transforming theories into easy to digest practical points with examples of emerging trends

Solution & Services

Business Applications

  • Technology & business orientation to co-develop products & services to meet end user challenges 
  • Set up enterprise blockchain environments  to manage transaction life cycles
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Content & Network Flow 
  • Subject matter expertise & knowledge transfers

Community & Events

              Industry Audience 

  • Enabling knowledge sharing
  • Peer group networking 
  • Promoting leading products & services
  • Discover new talent & tools
  • Facilitate learning and earning exchanges
  • Access to business backers and advisors 

Content Structure


Help you get the right level of awareness required to familiarize yourself with Blockchain fundamentals and understand how decentralized economy and digital assets are impacting the way we earn, invest and prosper. The content consists of Business, Technology, and Academic perspectives covering:

  • Introduction to blockchain

  • Key characteristics & applications in decentralized economies

  • Overview of notable use cases & opportunities

  • Blockchain business impact & value propositions


Business focused easy to digest content to calibrate “Blockchain Mindset” and enable executives to make sound decisions on innovation, business case and critical path to business transformation with leverage on technology trends by :

  • Understanding new business models , opportunities & risks 

  • Shaping your own blockchain strategy as part of digitalization  
  • Evaluating options and feasibilities for tokenization models 

  • Separating factual information from industry noise    


A comprehensive framework to help managers stay current on technology and be able to articulate business topics with confidence and empower teams to transform business with focus on: 

  • Market opportunities , concepts and success factors  

  • Key industry methodologies and ecosystems 

  • How to create entry points to create value in decentralized economy  

  • Assess value drivers, risk categories and cost-benefit 


Tech focused extensive session on technical feasibility of smart contracts development, crypto economics, security architecture design, and organisation-wide implementation. Covering the technical skills required to create, manage and transact your own position using:

  • Blockchain and cryptography

  • Interoperability and integration 
  • Algorithms of Consensus

  • Smart Contracts & Solidity

  • Emerging Blockchain Protocols

Focus Area


Capitalize on international engagements and drive adoption globally



Align local initiatives with national initiatives to gain national level adoption



Share and promote local approaches to regional level to amplify business impact



We aim to consolidate local initiatives to seize new opportunities

Preparing for a paradigm shift…

Calibrating the right “digital mindset” to enable organizations & individuals to adapt and compete in the digital economy.



Combining competences required to build a talent rich community



Configuring tools to become fit-for-purpose & commercially viable



Enabling an inclusive Web3 community to seize opportunities

Building blocks of blockchain

Blockchain business model, dlt, blockchain, smart contracts, crypto properties, digital assets, decentralized finance tokenization,

Our Journey

Ecosystem Partners

Our ecosystem emerged from the Swiss government mandate in 2020 and continue to grow to create value for the blockchain community and drive adoption locally, nationally & internationally through a coordinated approach to Blockchain innovation

Contact Us

Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to address the business value and utility of Blockchain Technology in the context of Blockchain Mindset and help drive business execution.

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