About Us

Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to address the business value and utility of
Blockchain Technology in the context of Blockchain Mindset and drive business execution.

Swiss Blockchain Academy is passionate about sharing the insights and business value of Blockchain Technology in the context of calibrating the right “Blockchain Mindset” for Executives to lead their organizations towards successful business execution.

We bring the much-needed awareness and business insights through our dynamic and interactive approach to Blockchain Mindset Training, addressing the most relevant topics at Executive level from a business impact perspective, without any technical jargon.

Our multidirectional ecosystem development consists of Banks, Fund Managers, Insurance sector, government bodies, Established Tech brands and promising start-ups as well as investor communities as stakeholders.

Supported by the Canton of Schwyz and the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), the Swiss Blockchain Academy is setting a new standard in training Executives, Management, Practitioners, and Enthusiasts – ensuring that the impact of Blockchain/DLT and its value propositions are adequately comprehended across all business sectors and industries being disrupted today.

Our Experts

Shivansan Macilamani

Setting the Right Direction for Adoption

Senior Banking & Markets specialist with 22 years wealth of experience gained through both start-ups / Tech and Tier 1 global banks including Swisscom Blockchain AG, Credit Suisse, RBS, HSBC, Barclays Bank & BNYM.

Blockchain entrepreneur focusing on business applications to shape the future of business transactions and strategies to seize opportunities. Influencing business decision-makers & technology counterparts to build new business models.

DLT/ Blockchain subject matter expert covering topics that matter the most to both established enterprises as well as startups with focus on practical route to implementation by addressing the  business aspects including Tokenization / Digital Assets, Funding & Liquidity, and unique value proposition of decentralized technologies through developing new lines of business and shaping emerging use cases in Banking, Securities and bilateral Transactions.

Stefan Deiss

Building Blockchain-Powered Businesses

Blockchain entrepreneur and digital transformation practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. IBM certified in Advanced Data Analytics & Enterprise Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) and an active Board Member on a number of disruptive blockchain-powered startups.

Founder & CEO of BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION – a Swiss-based digital assets issuance company pioneering and building sustainable economic value in the token economy, leveraging its cohesive «Academy-Accelerator-Advisory» practice to facilitate the legal and regulatory compliant issuance of Digital Assets through its Swiss Banking-grade BPRO Digital Assets Issuance Platform™

Experienced in asset tokenization and established one of the world’s first fully legal and regulatory compliant tokenized Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) for institutional investors in the Principality of Liechtenstein for the tokenization of Real Estate assets (BPRO Real Estate Fund SICAV).

Daniel Topp

Pioneering Decentralized Monetary Systems

Business economist & currency architect with over 20 years of experience as an ecopreneur and founder. A visionary strategist with expertise in crypto-economics, modern management, hybrid companies, decentralized monetary systems and sustainable value creation.

Experience includes owning and operating a global trade agency for renewable commodities, initiator and founder of a “Decentral Bank” project in Switzerland.

Daniel brings valuable subject matter expertise in decentralized systems and value co-creation leveraging on his international networks and strategic business collaborations. He is devoted entirely to develop and promote sustainable business strategies in the times of modern economies with focus on currencies as economic instruments to foster prosperity, leveraging Legal Smart Contracts, Blockchain/DLT, and Peer-to-Peer Network Protocols.

Yonghan Lee

Bridging Ecosystems & Markets

An entrepreneur and blockchain industry expert focusing on bridging global ecosystems and markets. An author and editor of the recently published and successful crypto book titled “Ignorieren auf eigene Gefahr”.

Capitalizing on over 12 years experience gained in Financial Services with background in quantitative analysis & software engineering covering digital transformation in Banking and investment Management.

Co-Founded “Home of E-sports” domiciled in Switzerland to provide E-sports events / training centers, advisory, marketing and value add services. In the field by managing the interface between business and IT.

Bridging the Swiss and South Korean ecosystems covering innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial power to harness opportunities in DLT / Blockchain as well as FinTech topics.

Jeff Schiemann

Addressing Security, Compliance & Risk Elements

A Security, Compliance & Risk professional with over 21 years experience in the computer security and telecommunications industry with significant expertise in Cyber Security and GDPR/Data Protection Laws including mitigating supply-side risk and negotiating effective security contracts and controls to ensure timely delivery of solid security and compliance programs.

Posses profound knowledge and experience in business development, new service creation, service management, network design, software development, security architecture and risk management best practices for global enterprises.

As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), his cybersecurity /application and networking background is complemented with business management and deep understanding of the evolving legal and regulatory environments in relation to DLT / Blockchain applications.

Dominik Zyskowski

Advancing Blockchain & Software Development

Software Consulting Director specialized in IT Systems & Business Analysis, including product and prototype development of blockchain-powered solutions. Over 15 years experience in the IT industry with significant practical knowledge in the development of commercial & economic IT systems and orchestrating the complete IT product development life cycle process.

Experienced in assisting enterprises in the digitization of their operations and implementing innovative ideas to improve efficiency, quality, sustainability, and agility. Experienced in Web & Mobile applications development for various industry verticals.

Results oriented business and product development specialist with hands-on solution design and architecture experience in complex IT and R&D projects. A Certified Professional Scrum Master, Product Development Owner, and ITIL specialist with solid academic background.