About Us

Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to enabling you to think differently in order to seize opportunities in the era of  Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) with our high-caliber academy experts.

Swiss Blockchain Academy is an education and promotion platform for individuals and organizations to gain insights and realize the business value of Blockchain Technology. Our institutional Blockchain training focuses on calibrating the right “Blockchain Mindset” for Executives to lead their organizations towards successful business execution in an era of disruption and change.

We bring the much-needed awareness and business insights through our dynamic and interactive approach to Blockchain Mindset Training, addressing the most relevant topics at the Executive level from a business impact perspective, without any technical jargon.

Our multidirectional ecosystem development consists of Banks, Fund Managers, the Insurance sector, government bodies, Established Tech brands, and promising start-ups as well as investor communities as stakeholders.

Supported by the Canton of Schwyz and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA, the Swiss Blockchain Academy is setting a new standard in training Executives, Management, Practitioners, and Enthusiasts thus ensuring the impact of Blockchain/DLT and its value propositions are adequately comprehended across all business sectors and industries being disrupted today.