About Us

Swiss Blockchain Academy is devoted to enabling you to think differently in order to seize opportunities in the era of  Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) with our high-caliber academy experts.

Swiss Blockchain Academy is an education and promotion platform for individuals and organizations to gain insights and realize the business value of Blockchain Technology. Our institutional Blockchain training focuses on calibrating the right “Blockchain Mindset” for Executives to lead their organizations towards successful business execution in an era of disruption and change.

We bring the much-needed awareness and business insights through our dynamic and interactive approach to Blockchain Mindset Training, addressing the most relevant topics at the Executive level from a business impact perspective, without any technical jargon.

Our multidirectional ecosystem development consists of Banks, Fund Managers, the Insurance sector, government bodies, Established Tech brands, and promising start-ups as well as investor communities as stakeholders.

Supported by the Canton of Schwyz and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA, the Swiss Blockchain Academy is setting a new standard in training Executives, Management, Practitioners, and Enthusiasts thus ensuring the impact of Blockchain/DLT and its value propositions are adequately comprehended across all business sectors and industries being disrupted today.

Academy Team

Shivansan Macilamani

Chairman of the Board – Setting the Right Direction for Adoption

Senior Banking & Markets specialist with 23 years wealth of experience gained through both Tech start-ups such as Swisscom Blockchain AG and Tier 1 Banks including Credit Suisse, RBS, HSBC, Barclays Bank & BNYM.

Blockchain entrepreneur focusing on business applications to shape the future of business transactions and strategies to seize opportunities. Influencing business decision-makers & technology counterparts to build new business models.

DLT/ Blockchain subject matter expert covering topics that matter the most to both established enterprises as well as startups with focus on practical route to implementation by addressing the  business aspects including Tokenization / Digital Assets, Funding & Liquidity, and unique value proposition of decentralized technologies through developing new lines of business and shaping emerging use cases in Banking, Securities and bilateral Transactions.

Fred-Marc Gmür

Sanjivee Venkama

CFO & Independent Board Member

A qualified accountant with successful international career spanning over 20 years covering varied roles from senior accountant to group head of finance and accounting in the financial services sector including 8 years in a reputable Private Bank based in Zurich. Her passion for innovative solutions and advanced technology led her to join Swiss Blockchain Academy, and support adoption of blockchain technology with focus on driving business transformation and innovation across industry verticals.

Proficient in German, English and French.

Fred-Marc Gmür

Oscar Dinello

Community Support 

A Tech enthusiast with proven client services experience gained in Financial Services. Highly motivated by advanced technologies, innovative solutions, and the future of finance. Managed operational risk daily throughout 30 years career as an airline pilot, business executive pilot, and aerobatic pilot.

He is proficient in Swiss-German, English, Italian and Spanish

Lic.Phil. Boris Otonicar

Pioneering Decentralized Finance (Defi)

A certified Blockchain Specialist (CBX. BVS &CBP and Scrum Master) and data scientist who advises both Start-ups and institutional clients covering real world blockchain use cases focusing on industry verticals including Banking, ICT, Commerce and Industry. An experienced blockchain trainer with proven delivery of education and promotion of Blockchain at international summits covering Decentralized Finance, Bitcoin protocol, Concepts (Defi, NFT &  Crypto Currencies) Distributed Ledger Technology Application and Smart Contracts.

Boris brings with him 11 years of business and technology experience with niche skill set required to successfully manage the implementation of disruptive technologies. His extensive network spans  across notable organizations and influencers of Blockchain industry.

He holds master degree in psychology, Economics and IT from University of Zurich

Proficient in Swiss German and English.

Fred-Marc Gmür

Laura Lazdane

Marketing and Communications 

Enthusiastic and highly motivated commercial analyst with bachelor’s in Business Management. Laura brings with her a wealth of 5+ years experience in online business customer services with passion for supporting digital businesses, customer interaction and languages.