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“SchwyzTech-Blockchain Innovation” launched to help executives and entrepreneurs understand the paradigm shift taking place now

Token News

Token News

Swiss trend in security tokens

The SIX Digital Exchange, platform offering the first fully regulated all-one-solution, combining digital asset trading, settlement, and custody services for its clients. Besides, it will allow clients to launch their own tokens and raise funds via ICOs.

The has been grated first approval for through CSD (Central Security Depository) license to perform clearing & settle of transferable securities and act as an exchange for the trading of tokens where the exchange will be overseen by Swiss financial regulator FINMA and the Swiss national bank for monitoring and compliance as per Financial Markets Infrastructure (FMI) Act

Based on the blockchain technology, the service will help traditional market players to tokenize their bankable and non-bankable assets such as equities, debt, and liquidity instruments, thus making untradeable assets tradable.

The platform was launched in 2019 and this is the first-ever license granted by the Swiss regulator for an FMI to facilitate trading digital securities in the form of tokens.


We are proud and excited to share our progress to build our E-learning platform offering an on-demand training experience in applied Blockchain. It’s designed to allow users of all backgrounds to attain valuable knowledge and build their “Blockchain Mindset” at their own pace, anywhere and anytime. Our E-Learning Platform can also be seamlessly integrated into your organization. The platform is now taking shape into a viable scalable solution to help educate and promote not only the building blocks of Blockchain technology but also provide extensive coverage of specialist topics such as Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance (Defi) by subject matter experts with hand-on experience in all things business and finance. Please visit our E-learning page for more information.

«SchwyzTech - Blockchain Innovation»

In Aug-2020, Swiss Blockchain Academy received the mandate to launch its «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation» program – an initiative co-financed with the Office for Economy Canton Schwyz and the Swiss Federal Government New Regional Policy (NRP) to enable startups and enterprises in Canton Schwyz to participate in the era of Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Our government sponsors have reached a decision to continue with the «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation» in 2021 as we enter a new era following COVID-19 and organizational changes to better position our efforts to meet our commitment to our sponsors and stakeholders. Please register online if you are domiciled in Kanton Schwyz and enter our consideration/selection process to attend our training/workshops.

Register now for our Foundation level

Gaining fundamental knowledge and experience is imperative to shaping your future in the Digital era where the blockchain Foundation level training offers valuable awareness into blockchain technology, allowing you to explore the opportunities and benefits of this game-changing technology. The foundation level breakdowns the fundamentals using Technology, Business & Academic aspects to prepare participants to progress swiftly into advanced topics.

Post Covid-19 Realities vs. Expectations

As we are all now well and truly used to the home office, alfresco lunches, and keeping 2m distances….. what would be the “new norm” to reconnect with colleagues and rebuild networks? Please share your thoughts on the pros and cons of E-learning vs. Onsite learning (you can email us at

One thing for sure, we are all utilizing mobile technology to overcome physical limitations and embrace new ways to stay connected, learn and even earn online. Do you think Blockchain can play a crucial role to enhance connectivity?

Digital Assets - going beyond Bitcoin

The digital scarcity is setting the path to creation and distribution of digital units of value that can be bought, sold, or exchanged as monetized units of value represented in the form of a blockchain native token. The common practices of today’s finance are fast becoming outdated as we think beyond Bitcoin and extend financial innovation through Staking, Liquidity Mining, lending & Bonus Farming Rewards. –Stay tuned for our Digital assets and Decentralized Finance training/knowledge transfer offering in association with Tier 1 Banks, Financial Institutions, and Financial Markets Infrastructure service providers.

New Team to focus on Education & Promotion of «SchwyzTech - Blockchain Innovation»

Swiss Blockchain Academy GmbH appoints a new team of specialists with hands-on experience and proven delivery to focus on its mandate covering «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation» an initiative co-funded by Kanton Schwyz and Swiss Confederation backed NRP (Neue Regionalpolitik – Umsetzungsprogramm 2020-2023). “The program objectives have been well understood by the members of the new team who are committed to delivering on our commitment to our government sponsors whilst working together in a highly professional manner to grow our purposeful ecosystem offering our stakeholders high-quality fit-for-purpose training & workshop support they need in this challenging business environment” – said our founding partner and Chairman of the Board.