Course Overview – FOUNDATION

Your journey begins with understanding the building blocks of blockchain technology and studying the key characteristics that makes it a game changer in finance and industry


Mod 1 - Distributed Ledger Technology

An overview of conceptual models , consensus mechanisms & functional characteristics of Blockchain protocols

Mod 2 – Smart Contracts

Defining the role of Smart Contracts with reference to business logic , Legal obligations and Condition setting for straight through processing

Mod 3 – Crypto Currencies

The idea of Crypto Currencies and why it matters to everyone keen to gain leverage in the digital economy   

Mod 4 – Decentralized Finance (Defi)

Introduction to Defi with focus on understanding value generation , risk management and investment criteria in the era of Digital Assets

Mod 5 – Industry use case study

Deep dive into proven concepts and industry experiments that paved the way to real word examples of applications setting the trend for a fundamental change