A modular-based e-learning platform for self-managed learning via web and mobile app platform, offering a seamless learning experience and on-demand access to the latest content, training materials, and transcripts.

Interactive learning, peer forum and become part of a global ecosystem

Self-paced learning
to build your knowledge at your own pace.

Video lectures including interviews from industry experts base.

Modular base

Apply the new knowledge to real life projects. 


Inspiring users by being the first Blockchain training to not only use Blockchain technology to identify, track and manage your achievements, but also authenticate credentials to participate in live blockchain projects.

Our e-learning platform is designed for professional as well as beginner level subscribers, where each module consolidates relevant topics and latest insights in the context of business, technology and academic views.

Develop the right Blockchain Mindset with confidence! 

Stay Up To Date

We are building a fit for purpose E-learning platform for DLT/Blockchain so that you can gain the confidence by leveraging on our world class knowledge base, industry insights and explore the opportunities at your own pace with a seamless user experience.

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