Community Events

As part of our ecosystem we foster community based events to enable individuals to engage their peers and industry leaders to understand the paradigm shift taking place.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies are disrupting almost every vertical industry today, and those enterprises not willing to adapt or transform their businesses will simply become irrelevant over time. It’s imperative that Executives prepare their organisations for this transformation in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

With that said, Executives need to first attain the right “Blockchain Mindset” before embarking on the blockchain transformation journey. They need to understand the potential impact of blockchain on their businesses, their customers, their internal organisation, and most importantly their valuable employees.

For example, rather than simply transform and integrate blockchain for the purpose of becoming operationally efficient, which they should be doing anyway as part of ongoing business operations, Executives need to define the blockchain roadmap and strategy from “outside-in” – in other words, from the perspective of their customers operating in the digital economy, rather than from the view of their internal IT organisations.

As part of our “Swiss Blockchain Academy”, we offer “Blockchain Mindset Training” to Executives to enable them to understand this paradigm shift taking place. This ½ day training session also covers some of our real-life use cases, addressing topics such as the Blockchain Business Model, Blockchain & DLT Frameworks, Crypto Properties, and Asset Tokenization such as equity, real estate, and the underlying tokenomics related to tokenization.

Blockchain Events

Kanton Schwyz Blockchain Networking Event


June, 2022

Kanton Schwyz Blockchain Networking Event

For the business community to meet and engage industry peers  on innovation & market trends

February 3rd, 2022

The International Blockchain Forum Rotkreuz 2022

The fifth International Blockchain Forum has its focus on Education of Blockchain technology.



Blockchain Mindset Training

Wunderaum – Pfaffikon Schwyz

To enable executives to understand the paradigm shift taking place



Kanton Schwyz Blockchain Event

Pfäffikon SZ

A blockchain seminar for entrepreneurs