The canton of Schwyz promotes this future-oriented tech competence among resident companies/experts and for itself as a contribution to regional development and digital transformation with access to knowledge from the surrounding universities of Rapperswil, Lucerne, and the ETH in Zurich.


  • Promote knowledge transfer – innovation support for companies / SMEs
  • Promote qualification of regional workers and actors
  • Promote cross-company networking and cooperation
  • Close and extend value chains
  • Secure and implement value-added-oriented infrastructures/offers

Why Kanton Schwyz

Ideally located in the central Switzerland with proximity to city of Zurich and Luzern makes it an ideal location geographically for international business as well as start-up friendly due to the upcoming activities covering digital innovation.

Canton Schwyz is a notable region offering the pioneers of new technologies and net generation entrepreneurship to discover the blueprint and setup to seize economic as well as infrastructure advantages the Kanton offers. In particular, the mountain region has conditions that are free from centralized influence and roadblocks to accommodate innovation and growth in the era of Digital Economy.

From a blockchain standpoint we see tremendous potential as this conservative Kanton to support ideas without borders and boundaries which is key for adoption of distributed technologies.

The Challenge

Transform or become irrelevant

As the digital economy rapidly evolves, existing business models and institutions will need to undergo fundamental change.


Organizations unprepared for change – no digital mindset


Uncoordinated digital initiatives – random acts of digital


Lack of resources and prioritization – no time, talent, funds

Preparing for a paradigm shift

Calibrating the right  “digital mindset” to enable organisations to adapt and compete in a tokenized and digital asset economy.


Finding and empowering the right team, talent, projects


Defining a customer-centric digital strategy (“outside-in”)


Encouraging a dynamic culture of continuous innovation

The Approach

Building blocks

The building blocks towards achieving a successful blockchain technology adoption and transformation begin with calibrating the right “digital mindset” through education and awareness.


  • Education
  • Ideation
  • Incubation
  • Innovation
  • Transformation